Kosar Islamic Science Education Complex

Kosar Islamic Science Education Complex

The beginning of activity since 1984

About us

Formation of the school with the name of martyr Haqqani in the year 1984, In bryank square, the Islamic propaganda organization was formed under the leadership of ayatollah Jannati , And now to Scientific activity, Research, educational and advertising in sections level 2,3,4 continues.

In the year 1994 , The current building located on the south side of Behesht Park Shahr Street named “Kosar Islamic Science Education Complex” was handed over to the Islamic Propaganda Organization for the seminary.

of the year 1996, According to the new rules, it continued official activity And so far, it has had 25 post-graduate courses, and now 41 professors are engaged in educational activities in three stages of level 2, 3 and 4 with the presence of 250 students.



Conference center

Qarz al-Hasna fund

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Degrees of Islamic Education Complex of Kosar 

  • General section (Level 2/Bachelor)
  • Higher degree (level 3/master’s degree)

 1) The direction of interpretation and sciences of the Qur’an

  2) The trend of Islamic history

  • Specialized section (level 4/doctorate)

1) The field of comparative interpretation

2) Sciences and teachings of the Holy Quran

General conditions for admission in stages 2, 3 and 4

  • Belief and commitment to the religion of Islam
  • Belief and commitment to the religious authority and the holy system of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Having mental and physical health

  • Pass the entrance exam
  • Success in selection, interview, research and other stages of admission
  • Written commitment to complete the training course
  • Having a level 2 encyclopedia or a bachelor’s degree aligned and related to the field (especially for level 3 candidates)
  • Having a level 3 academic degree (especially for level 4 candidates)

Contact the center for more information about training and exam dates

The Cultural Center of Kosar Complex is one of the active units that carries out the task of promotion, counseling, Quran memorization and consolidation courses, cultural measures in population and family health promotion projects, holding virtual courses, holding cultural meetings and other cultural measures. .

 Other duties of the cultural unit include planning and holding educational, cultural, and propaganda courses in order to raise the level of students’ knowledge, and introduce new methods of propaganda, familiarization with social and political harms.oo

The most important mission of the scientific-educational system of seminaries is to train students who are knowledgeable, knowledgeable and skilled in applying knowledge. Developing a coherent, skill-giving and practical program in order to educate efficient students is one of the serious demands of seminaries.

Placing research in the curriculum is the surest way to achieve the goal.

The research program aims to improve the level of students’ abilities to the extent that they can continue their academic life in any situation, continue the learning process even after leaving the classroom and school, and use the acquired skills for educational, research and research purposes. do Cultural and managerial benefits.

The main activities of the research assistant

  1. Holding defense meetings
  2. Formation of specialized research working group at level 3 and 4
  3. Holding courses and workshops and skill and research meetings
  4. Identification and recruitment of research professors
  5. Research consultation
  6. Publication of books and introduction of the selected students of Ahl al-Qalam
  7. Supervision and evaluation of final articles
  8. Holding scientific research circles and assemblies
  9. Exhibition of works and research activities
  10. Holding research events
  11. Evaluation of library resources
  12. Cooperation with domestic and foreign research centers

The administrative and financial department has an important position and role to fulfill the goals and missions related to the field.

important tasks

  • Planning and forecasting costs
  • Striving for the efficient implementation of all related activities and affairs based on accurate expertise combined with continuous and effective supervision.
  • Accurately identifying and estimating the financial resources and budget of its deputy and proper and legal distribution based on the rules of the Awqaf Center and Organizations
  • Development and updating of comprehensive information systems and networks in the field of programs, activities.
  • Compliance with the principles of efficiency and economy in various financial and administrative fields to achieve the assigned goals and tasks.
  • Compliance with financial discipline based on laws and regulations and effective monitoring of expenses according to the frameworks
  • Close cooperation with support centers to organize and attract external resources and generate income in the form of cooperative programs.
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